(1) "Written by an octogenarian who is aging wisely, this book is a compelling read. It helps us understand the many challenges and opportunities of aging – and it deepens the reader’s appreciation for the positive growth and contentment that can occur for those who "age wisely." It is a wonderful and rich compendium of knowledge and personal reflection."
                        Mary Ann Norfleet, PhD ABPP
                        Adjunct Clinical Professor
                        Stanford University School of Medicine

      (2) "Aging Wisely is absolutely riveting and enlightening. It is a refreshing work. I saw myself throughout each chapter. The author is very eloquent and the examples ring true."

                        Maxine Underwood, RN, BSN, MN  


    (3) "...a valuable book, a tool for people who want to educate themselves on the aging process. She has drawn on her professional and personal experiences. Being in my sixties and caring for a mother who is ninety-one, this book has been an incredible resource to help me understand the different stages of aging."

                        Anita Mills  

      (4) "This is a very thought provoking book. I wish I had had it to read before I had already stumbled through a couple of stages by myself. It certainly has some good thoughts to help a person survive. But the thing that most of us are trying to avoid is the fact that we can't stop the process of having to get old. I just thought it would never happen to me. Only other people got old and your children say they will be there for you but most of the time they are so busy with their lives that they just don't have the time or space to help.

                        Karen S. Randall

      This review is from: Fatal Attachments: The Instigation to Suicide

Are you even faintly considering ideas about suicide? You absolutely must read Fatal Attachments: The Instigation to Suicide. Why? Your ideas may not be your own! A friend, partner, family member or someone else attached to you may be implanting them in you so as to get rid of you! This book might literally save your life. And each psychiatrist, psychologist, and therapist who reads it will find groundbreaking theory illuminated by exceptionally clear telling of many compelling case histories by author Viola Mecke, a clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience and, among other honors, a Clinical Professor Emerita in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University Medical School.

                        Lowell Parker